Who we are?

Canvas for career and individual Development (CCID) was set up by a group of entrepreneurs. We struggled to find placements in 2000. Hundreds of thousands of students were graduating each year without relevant work experience – the main competency graduate employers were striving to find on CV’s. The market was broken. Today, we’re the experts in early talent attraction, helping employers across Bangladesh attract the next generation of young people taking the first steps in their career.

What we do?

CCID Bangladesh has been working on a critical issue of professional development which is ‘Bridging the Gap between Academia & Industry in Bangladesh’. Due to this serious gap, students cannot prepare them for the future job and remain unemployed for an uncertain period after completing their education. This has a serious detrimental socio-economic impact. We are excellent at organizing Internships, work experience placements, training, careers related activity and personal development opportunities for young people.

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A leading resource for student career options

We provide colleges/Universities with a range of excellent careers and personal development opportunities for young people.
We are able to offer a bespoke service to meet the needs of your students which offers value for money.
Aimed at 20 to 24 helps young people consider all their career options.
What makes the website truly unique is that we have a certain number of reviews from work experience across the country, providing an unrivalled resource for young people when considering what to do when they finish college/University. Our reviews will ensure you receive considered, quality applications for your opportunities.



Helping you to Recruit Volunteer

CCID offers a bespoke service to help you to recruit talented young people.

Your business could benefit from hiring a WORK EXPERIENCE/Volunteering

If you are looking to recruit a job related volunteer we can save you time and money and help you with the recruitment process. We can:

  • Promote opportunities direct to young people and shortlist for you
  • Offer you a chance to give talks to young people in Colleges/Universities
  • Set up introduction events at our workplace or ours so that young people and their parents can find out more about your apprenticeship opportunities
  • Provide you with CV’s from our candidate bank
  • Help you to understand the work experience levy and how this impacts you
  • Provide line manager training on how to manage apprentices

We are currently working with talented individuals who are seeking volunteers to start upon the completion of their exams. If you have a potential vacancy,

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) :CPD goes for Continuing Professional Development. It takes a multifaceted point of view to long-lasting career development. The core of CPD is firmly on results – the advantages that professional development helps to introduce you in the real world. Each and every learning activity taken by professionals for the goal of developing new skills and enhancing their current capabilities represents elements of CPD.

Customise Training & Development: Your needs we fulfill as you want. Our team creates effective, scalable, and engaging learning solutions. We are passionate about delivering the best customized training and development solutions to help young leaders to achieve their goals and objectives. Collaborating with us fills in your expectation gaps, as well as improves your bench strength which results in relevant and compelling solutions. Customized solutions provide additional value by increasing the learning outcomes of your training efforts and providing additional performance return on your venture.

Mental Health Support : Mental health or well-being support is one of the top issues of human beings. If you are not okay mentally you will disconnect from the chain or normal life as well. We deliver counselling on your particular topic that you want and also we conduct sessions to take care of mental health for a wide variety of audiences. We provide the highest quality of well-being counselling, delivered using a combination of learning techniques; presentations, discussions, case studies and interactive exercises.

Career Assessment Programs: How do I choose the right career?Get answers to the questions and much more. We are here to find your domain. It helps to make your passion into a profession. We bring to you various scientific and meticulously designed Career Assessment to discover your true potential and interest. If you are feeling that your present career is not providing you a sense of fulfillment and leaving you frustrated then take our Career Assessment Programs and find your true calling!

Internship: CCID Bangladesh offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain direct practical experience with Industries. Internship or work experience is a relevant part of you that helps to understand the industry expectation. We encourage our students to view their career as a journey and make the most of our many ongoing opportunities. It could be a lateral move to broaden your exposure and deepen your experience, or a promotion with increased responsibilities.

Meet the HR: HR is well-known as a recruiter. Their jobs are recruiting better candidates for their industry. As we work in the Industry & Academia relationship, Industry HR are close to us to recruit better candidates from us. We will help to contact HR in your field that helps to make a better career as well.

Workshop & Seminar: CCID Bangladesh hosts dozens of workshops, seminars, talks, and conferences that bring together wonderful leaders, policy makers, and practitioners on a broad range of development issues. CCID offers learning opportunities for emerging young leaders to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and abilities essential to effective leadership.

Resume Development: To employers, who you are is what you put on your resume – nothing more and nothing less. Ultimately, it’s your resume that’ll determine whether they decide to give you a shot at an interview or to simply toss your application out. Our team of resume experts is here to ensure your resume sets you apart.

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